27 Jul 2014

Blair Waldorf Style

Blair Waldorf was recently voted 4th most stylish female American TV character with 8.7% of the votes in the Ladbrokes Games American TV and Film Survey. Third was Miranda Priestley (from The Devil Wears Prada) with 9.4%, second was Carrie Bradshaw with 18.2% and the overall winner was Rachel Green with 31.2% of the votes. In my research on what Rachel Green wore on the hit show Friends (which I'm currently re-watching from the beginning on Comedy Central lol), I have come to the conclusion that she wore a lot of very simple, classic outfits, with various black pants and skirts and black/white shirts all with simple, form fitting shapes to show off her figure, along with a few prints and quirky items. 

My vote would have gone to the beautiful Blair Waldorf. I adored the fashion in Gossip Girl and Blair was my favourite character, OMG her and Nate were the hottest couple ever on TV, although saying that the real life couple Leighton Meester and Adam Brody come a very close second. Anyway, I'm getting distracted!! Blair's style on the show was quite formal and dressy, very upmarket, she wore lots of prints, tailoring, dresses and ruffles, always perfectly accessorised with beautiful shoes and bags. It's the kind of wardrobe a girl can only dream about because being so perfectly put together all the time requires a heck of a lot of effort, and y'all know how casual I am :) Here are some Blair Waldorf inspired dresses so you can get her style at a fraction of the cost!


24 Jul 2014

Mysterious Girl

Black Pants: Abaday  |  Denim Shirt: H&M 

These pants are the other item I got from Abaday :) They are made from... kinda like, tracksuit fabric, so we'll call them fashionable track pants, super comf! I'm sure you could style them up with heels if you wanted to, as they did on the product page, but I'm more casssshh (how do you shorten casual!?) :)


22 Jul 2014

20 Jul 2014

Geo Pant

Geometric Print Pants: Abaday  |  Sandals: Ipanema  |  Top: H&M

I've been after some loose fit trousers for a while, and loved the monochrome print on these. They are from Abaday which is one of those websites with generic photo's and a million and one items, which are always a bit dodgy in terms of quality. But I never say no to free shit haha. And I'm seriously happy with the two items they sent me! These pants are sooo comfy and soft and the thread isn't falling off. You have to read the sizes well because I got these in a large and I am usually a tiny size 6! So far, I'm impressed!



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