22 Jul 2014

20 Jul 2014

Geo Pant

Geometric Print Pants: Abaday  |  Sandals: Ipanema  |  Top: H&M

I've been after some loose fit trousers for a while, and loved the monochrome print on these. They are from Abaday which is one of those websites with generic photo's and a million and one items, which are always a bit dodgy in terms of quality. But I never say no to free shit haha. And I'm seriously happy with the two items they sent me! These pants are sooo comfy and soft and the thread isn't falling off. You have to read the sizes well because I got these in a large and I am usually a tiny size 6! So far, I'm impressed!


19 Jul 2014

Decleor Aroma Night Angelique Balm Review

Decleor Aroma Night Angelique Balm 

Description:  "A comforting and deliciously nourishing balm to treat dry skins. Decleor Aroma Night Angelique Nourishing Night Balm has a melting and delicious texture that is rapidly absorbed. A 100% natural balm to comfort the driest skins, leaving them infinitely soft and supple. Decleor Aroma Night Angelique Nourishing Night Balm facilitates nutritional exchanges within the skin, softens, improves flexibility and nourishes." 

Directions: In the evening, warm a drop of Decleor Aroma Night Angelique Nourishing Night Balm in the palms of your hands, then apply to the cleansed face and neck using light sweeping movements. 

Essential Oils:
Rosemary: Stimulating, purifying.
Geranium: Helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.
Camomile: Calming and anti-inflammatory effect.
Angelica: Acts on the micro-circulation.

Plant Oils:
Avocado, Borage and Red Palm: Nourishing and emollient - help to prevent dehydration.
Beeswax and Carnauba: Protective.

Price: £19.95 from Click Fragrance

Packaging: It comes in a lovely little frosted glass jar with a sturdy plastic lid. The jar itself is very small, roughly 4.5cm in diameter and 4cm tall.

Smell: As this product is made from essential oils, it isn't surprising that it smells gorgeous! You can just deep breathe this stuff in from the bottle and feel it relaxing you :)

Consistency: It is bright yellow in colour and a very thick, vaseline like texture at first. It heats up in your fingertips and and melts into an oily, greasy consistency. 

Performance: This product feels very greasy on the face, it doesn't absorb into the skin much which is fine if you need an intensive overnight treatment, but I would suggest sleeping on your back to get the full effects otherwise it will rub off on your pillowcase. You don't need much product to cover the face, so I can imagine that the little tub would last a good amount of time. I like the fact that it is 100% natural, but as someone who has quite sensitive skin that is prone to breaking out from moisturisers, I found that it did clog my pores and caused tiny bumps under the skin. I think it would be most suitable for older women who don't suffer from spots. I do however, enjoy using it as an overnight lipbalm, it's a very soothing scent and feels similar to vaseline, but is much more moisturising due to the natural ingredients!


18 Jul 2014

World Cup Accessories

Well done Germany! (Better luck next time England.. ha) I thought I'd do a fun world cup related post, so here is the German flag made of cute accessories! To be honest, I didn't really watch the football, but you have to admire their mad skills, although I'm sure some of you ladies just watched it for the hot men lol. If so, why not try this Hot or Not game with a twist - it's just football players!



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