Thursday, 29 January 2015

Buy My Patterns!

I need an invite to creativemarket.com, so need to showcase my designs online! :) available to buy soon hopefully! xxx

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Keep Your Hair Awesome Overnight

If you have hair- and we'd bet good money that you do- then at some point in your life you'll have definitely encountered the perils that accompany the experience of waking up with terrible hair. You don't have time to shower and style, every effort you employ seems to do nothing to alleviate the situation and slowly, anger and depression force their way into your morning psyche. Don't despair however; there are lots of ways you can wake up with wonderful, life-ready hair, and you don't have to be a hair stylist to enjoy them!


No, we're not saying that you adopt this rather unfashionable do, but if you braid your hair, whilst wet, before you go to bed then it'll dry in a smooth, wavy manner, beating back frizz and generally looking awesome. In the morning all you need to do is curl the rest of the un-curled hair and head off on your merry way!

Tanning Oil

This tip will leave your hair exceptionally vibrant and luminous, and as such is a priceless thing to know. Shower, condition and towel dry your hair then comb whichever way you'd like your hair to be worn the next day. Then, divide your hair into four separate clumps and spray each portion a couple of times with Banana Boat Tanning Oil, massaging the oil into your hair. Keep twirling your hair until it is dry, and the next morning your hair should keep the same amazing glow.

Silk Pillowcases

Regular pillowcases can have the adverse effect of giving your hair split ends and a generally dry appearance, whilst silk pillowcases on the other hand don't have this problem, and will actually buff your hair and keep it looking healthy. Couple one of these with foam pillows cheaply acquired from an online site such as Bedstar, which regularly feature the immensely comfortable pillows in their clearance section, and you'll be relaxed, looking amazing!

Coconut Oil

This magical little oil is a complete godsend for anyone who wants their hair to look amazing all the time. Coconut oil, when applied to both the hair and scalp, finds its way all the way down into your hair shaft, providing results for days even without reapplication. Apply, twist and topknot (or bundle within a t-shirt, if you don't want it to get all over your silk pillowcases!) and sleep easy knowing that tomorrow your hair will look absolutely wonderful.


Monday, 19 January 2015

Used Rolex

I've had a penchant for doing posts on watches as of late. Men don't get the opportunity to accessorize with jewellery, so I guess watches are the next best thing! They make great gifts for boyfriends too :) I'm going to be talking about Rolex today. The company was founded in 1905 by Hans Wilsdorf and are famous for their quality, precise attention to detail and of course, price. As a luxury product, they ooze sophistication, wealth and are timeless pieces that truly last a lifetime, much like a Mulberry bag! However, if you are coveting a Rolex, but can't afford the price tag, you can buy a beautiful used rolex such as the ones featured above. Included is a black and silver vintage rolex mens stainless steel watch, a ladies quickset datejust watch and a mens stainless steel Airking watch. With savings into the thousands and a three to five year warranty, you can't get much better if you're after a luxury watch!


Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Self Worth

No make-up, but a flattering angle and an instagram filter.
Question is, would you have clicked this if there wasn't a photo in the preview?

At the age of 25, I have finally come to the realization that as a woman, my value does not purely come from the way I look. This awful notion of superficial self worth had been drilled into my brain from birth and was fully established at secondary school, if you were 'hot', boys would talk to you, you didn't have to have a personality. I was sucked into the idea of beauty as a way to be noticed, as a way to be... liked. The idea of not wearing make-up filled me with dread. If I didn't look good, I didn't feel good. I was my own worst enemy, comparing myself with every vaguely pretty woman I saw, obsessed with what the media portrayed as beautiful, wanting to emulate it, craving acceptance in the form of compliments. I realized that I was objectifying women in a similar way to the media, not seeing women as people, but as body parts, judging them, justifying my worth by putting them down, or feeling insecure if they fit the 'beauty ideal' more than I did.

So you're probably wondering what changed? Simply put, I met a man who literally crushed every single preconception I had about men. Someone who doesn't idolize celebrities or objectify women, who isn't obsessed with or motivated by sex, who has no interest in porn and doesn't talk about how 'fit' this or that girl is when out with their friends. In my experience, the vast majority of men are just... awful. I think they feel like they have to act this way to fit in with other men, which is really sad. But there are a small selection of decent, good men brave enough to break the mold!

When this man came into my life, he made me realize that I am worth so much more than my appearance. I wish I could say I came to this realization on my own, but when you're taught that as a woman you have to attract men, and that your self worth comes from how you look, your physical appearance and relationships with men are intrinsically linked.

My entire outlook has now changed. I don't care about make-up, in fact I've stopped wearing it completely and it's so liberating it's untrue (plus, clear skin!) And I don't care about fashion anymore. I still enjoy putting looks together, but I really don't care if I don't look on trend or sexy or whatever when I go out. And honestly, having a fashion blog and taking hundreds of photographs of myself is just not that appealing to me anymore. I now value living minimally, I don't want reams of clothes and shoes, it just stresses me out. I have other interests now. And I'm not saying I'm magically fixed and secure and happy with myself, but I have at least begun the journey towards valuing myself as a whole person and changing not just my definition of self worth, but how I see other women and understanding that the world of celebrity is ENTIRELY superficial.


Thursday, 20 November 2014

Yankee Candle Tart Wax Melts

One of the loveliest things about winter is coming in from playing in the snow and defrosting in a cosy warm house with a hot drink, a blanket and a movie (or 5 episodes of Revenge :P) Candles are a wonderful way to achieve that cosy feeling, even more so if they can fill your home with a delicious fragrance.

I recently got sent this tart wax melt and burner from Yankee Direct and it's a fun, unique way to scent your home instead of burning candles or oil. You just put a tart into the burner and light an unscented tea light underneath, it's very similar to burning oil, except when the burner isn't hot the tart hardens and you can simply pop it out and in turn, swap scents as often as you'd like!

I received 6 delightful scents from the festive Christmas range. My favourite is Candy Cane Lane, it smells like vanilla and mint which I both love, nom! However I also really like Christmas Garland which has more of a masculine evergreen tree scent. And since there are so many different Tarts Wax Melts to choose from, it would make a lovely personalized gift this Christmas!