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Superdry Split Maxi Dress

I styled this dress two ways and this is the more elegant of the two, paired down with just a few pieces of jewellery (which I never take off). The dress is by Superdry from House of Fraser and is only £19.99 in the sale. It's knitted, so it's super stretchy and super comfortable, and as the fabric is a bit thicker than normal, it is also quite flattering :) 

Photography: Tomtookthat

Contemporary Interiors Wishlist

Chesterfield fabric sofa: The Original Sofa Co  |  Floor lamp: Ikea  |  Bonsai trees: Ikea  |  Gold foil mandala print: Etsy  |  Palm print cushion: Etsy Bulb string lights: Laura Ashley  |  Candle: Cocolux (lol)

All the pretty! I love this cream sofa paired with the copper floor lamp and bold palm print cushion. The mandala print is stunning and the bulb string lights add a contemporary twist. A pair of bonsai trees and gold candle complete the look, a simple but beautiful room.

New Headshots

Finally took some shots of my new 'look' for my portfolio! I made a mini studio in my room (not that you'd ever know!) You should see it, I have two chairs with one of those wavy ikea mirrors on each and a grey blanket draped over the top haha :D

Do You Regret Cutting Your Hair?

Natural to blonde to shorter to lob!
So it's been about 4 months since I cut my hair short and I have settled on a shoulder length brunette 'lob'. So what is the verdict? What have I learnt from cutting off my safety blanket? And do I ever miss my waist length blonde/brunette locks?... 

The Half Tuck

Ah, the half tuck, one of my faves! Oversized shirts are a staple in my wardrobe, I like them because I’m skinny and like playing with proportions, especially loose on top and tight on the bottom, they are super comfy and look cool without even trying, I often feel like I look more like an artist/designer in them, which is ma’ thang! I wear them in various ways, loose over jeans, in a little knot at the front, tucked in at the front and the classic ‘blogger style’ half tuck. I find that adding a tuck and a floppy hat can completely change the look and make it seem more considered and on trend. And in the winter, simply throw on your fave coat, simple!

How to Layer

For a casual and warm look, throw on a plain jumper over your oversized shirt and add a co-ordinating beanie for a bit of interest. I find it easier to add a loose fitting jumper over an oversized shirt, otherwise it gets all bunched up and feels awkward. Mine is slightly cropped due to it being from the kids section, but with surprisingly long sleeves! I love this look paired with my white boyfriend shirt too.

Deciphering Modern Day Dress Codes

With the summer season swiftly approaching, it provides plenty of dilemmas for the modern day fashion guru. As well as the tantalising question of what to wear for a day at the beach, summer also has plenty of social occasions like weddings that include dress codes that can be more than a little confusing!

Summer Fashion Flatlay

Sandals: Moda in Pelle  |  Jeans: H&M  |  Stripey top: Forever 21  |  Necklace: Majique

Joxtorp Cardboard Pendant Lamp Shade Ikea DIY Hack!

I just moved into a new house and have had loads of fun decorating my huuuge room (see my insta @kokoluxe!) This is my latest addition and it turned out so awesomely I thought I’d share it! I didn’t have a very big budget and this cardboard lamp is only £4! It comes in a pale green colour, but the reverse is white, so I just made it inside out and then painted the triangles fun colours with gouache paint and added black patterns with a pigment ink pen. So simple, but so effective! I’d love to see your version if you make one!

Spring Outfit with Lyst

It is easy to adjust to a Spring wardrobe by using lighter, brighter colours, so instead of a black backpack, try a silver one, or instead of black boots, try these fun floral pumps, update from a black hat, to a grey one… you get the idea! My favourite spring staple is white jeans, I love them and you can never find them in winter.