27 Oct 2014

Mountain Girl

Hi-Tec Womens ST Moritz 200 II Waterproof Trekking and Hiking Boots  |  Shirt: New Look  |  Beanie: Burton  |  Snowboard Jacket: Billabong

So since I moved to Switzerland I have been doing lots of adventuring and exploring, of course ;) And I've been wearing these chunky snow boots constantly (which by the way are soooo comfy!), mostly with jeans and my billabong snowboard jacket. I have a pretty small capsule wardrobe at the moment since I only came with one suitcase, so my outfit posts won't be massively exciting, but they will be in awesome locations, like this one! I love Switzerland. I really really do.

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23 Oct 2014

J'adore Paris

Walk The Line Floral Satin Dress: Finders Keepers  |  Leather Jacket: River Island  |  Boots: Fashion Union

So the other weekend mon amis Gandalf randomly took me to Paris and it was flipping awesome! We managed to stay on the Eiffel tower all day, until it turned dark and the lights came on, it was rather magical. Paris at night is so beautiful. I wore jeans and a kimono on Saturday and my Finders Keepers dress on Sunday :)


16 Oct 2014

The Rebel Journey

Rebels are alive. In past centuries, rebels fought against everything and everyone - today, more than everything and everyone, rebels shine. Yes, rebels shine: reaching for infinity, striving to surpass all limits, to outdo themselves and their own art, character and wit. To shine into infinity is not a small matter: it is the substance of rebels.

A journey in search of today’s rebels - an investigation, a story - many encounters. The rebels are the true new princes of today - they carry in their heart a sincere nobility -they are princes of boldness, steadfastness, irreverence and beauty. That’s the difference with the rebels of the past: in the past rebels attacked, today they shine, shine brightly - brighter than Jack Kerouac’s golden spider – they shine to defend their own nature.

The Rebel Journey: with this project we are looking for rebels between past and future, dreams and reality – in a world that finds its language in a viral network, because virality is the new weapon of today’s rebels. Rebels that are multiplied in images and digital videos, on platforms as extreme as every social network of tomorrow. Step by step and one by one we will find them - and ourselves among them, these shining rebels. Hogan Rebel brings us new energy – and the footprints of our rebels are really shining, again, like Kerouac’s spiders and stars.



7 Oct 2014

I.N.O.X. Watch

A decent watch should be the corner stone of every gents wardrobe. Essential for tying up the days dress, and keeping you on time for everything from that important date to scuba diving, there's a million different varieties out there.

What we have here, however, is the jack of all trades - the 'Swiss Army Knife' of watches. This is the new I.N.O.X. from Victorinox and besides celebrating the companies 130th anniversary, and being quite good looking, it's sturdier than a rhinos back.

Before release, this timepiece was subjected to more gruelling tests than a Navy Seal - 130 to be exact - tests that ranged from being run over by a 64-ton tank to being dropped onto concrete from 10 metres up. Needless to say, it's survived these tests; shrugging them off like water off a ducks back. I don't make a habit of being ran over by tanks, but it's good to know.

Whilst being stronger than the rock itself, this timepiece still manages to be simple by design. The 43mm stainless steel case doesn't scream 'you can drop me from really high' but still looks rugged; if it's not quite rugged enough, however, it comes with a silicone 'bumper' that takes it from everyday office watch to regular army man. It even comes in three colours - black, green or blue.

The I.N.O.X. definitely lives up to it's 'Swiss army watch' name; so whether you're hitting the boardroom or diving the Titanic it'll always look good and will always be functional.

I partnered with the brand to write this article but every word is mine 


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