29 Aug 2014

5 Long Hair Tips

I have really long bleached hair that is pretty darn soft, I still get split ends as I have lots and lots of fine hair, but here are my top 5 tips for long hair!

1. Use serum on wet hair, my favourites are Moroccan oil and Frizz Ease Original (I swear it smells like watermelon!) This protects the hair and smoothes it, I never go without serum every single time I wash my hair, which is every 2 or 3 days.

2. If you want to grow your hair, cut it yourself as hairdressers always take too much off. I cut about 1.5cm off mine every 4 months or so. This truly works, because since I stopped going to the hairdresser for cuts (always go for bleaching - do not bleach at home!) my hair actually got longer!

3. Use a good conditioner, my favourites are the Loreal Ever Creme Sulphate Free ones and Aussie Miracle Moist which makes your hair smell unbelievable!

4. Brush your hair before you wash it to make it a hell of a lot easier to wash and prevent breakage as hair breaks much more easily when wet (I also use a tangle teezer in the shower with my conditioner). Side note! I don't brush my hair much, but I recently got a Denmans hairbrush since I left my regular paddle brush at Poppys house and it makes my hair sooo soft, I got the D81M and deffo recommend it :)

5. Avoid heat to avoid breakage! If you can, try to avoid using a hair dryer/straightener/curler etc. I generally go a few weeks without using heat and then a few weeks using it, as I like swapping between wavy and straight hair.


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28 Aug 2014

Claudia Meller

I did some modelling recently for the designer Claudia Meller, she sells tons of gorgeous handmade scarves, skirts and kimonos in striking fabrics, definitely take a look at her website and facebook. It was a great day, I always have the best time on shoots! I love meeting other creative people. Also, news update! I'm moving to Switzerland in a few weeks, so if you live near Lausanne let me know! Would love to meet other bloggers :D


23 Aug 2014

White And navy

Top: Lookbook Store  |  Jeans: DIY  |  Heels: M&S

Snagged these heels in the M&S sale! Real leather pointy courts for £25! They are a little small, so my feet don't fall out of them, but I'm hoping they'll stretch out a little on the toes :) The top is from Lookbook Store, I got a UK 6 and it's HUGE, so the sizing is completely wrong and doesn't fit like the photo's online which is disappointing, so beware if you're little! 


21 Aug 2014

Walk The Line

I got sent this gorgeous dress from the designer brand Finders Keepers, the fabric is such good quality, you definitely get what you pay for. It feels heavenly on and the print is beautiful, something I would design... maybe they should employ me? hint hint :P



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