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Darkness & Redness & Whiteness

Wrap dress: Club Couture // Boots: Jeffrey Campbell

Hello twiglet legs. Oh my. At least I look tall here, don't you think? :)

Anyway, onto the outfit! This is my second instalment from Club Couture (only one left :P) Check out the website if you haven't yet! [LINK]  This dress is simply stunning. Simple and flattering with a twist of the orient... I feel like a pretty china doll in it :)

... shout out to Toby Turner (title reference!) LOVE HIM!!!

Deer Deer

Top & skirt: Club Couture // Boots: Jeffrey Campbell // Jewellery: Koko & Beau

I got this outfit from Club Couture and can safely say that this is the heaviest skirt I own! It looks expensive from the sequins alone, they are of the square variety as opposed to circular and turn an ordinary skirt into a pure beaut! I also love the asymmetrical detail to the top.

I would also like to mention that I have a few new pieces in my online store Koko & Beau including this rather fetching/weird deer necklace, which I adore, especially when worn with buttoned up shirts.

Also, it was my birthday today! I was so bummed all week that I wouldn't be with my besties in London, but Drew just made it the most perfect day :) We went out for breakfast, then took tons of photo's for my blog (YES!!) then he took me shopping and out to dinner and a movie. Gosh I was so spoilt :) He is literally the best EVEEEER! So in love <3