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Blackout Challenge Three

Jumper: Monki // Snood: American Apparel // Jeans: Asos // Boots: River Island

Don't have much time! Off to Plymouth today! :) (my snood is dark grey!)

Blackout Challenge Two

Dress: Dahlia // Blazer: Sirens // Shoes: Nowistyle

I am officially in love with Dahlia! They sent me this beautiful dress with a studded collar and it's my new favourite thing. The quality is amazing and I freaking love the website, and pretty much everything in it :P This is my second look for the blackout challenge, and it certainly was a challenge! I wanted to add my black leather jacket and sky high black heels to grunge it up a bit (and I may just do that soon :P) I find that colour makes it more... youthful? It's fun to try it though :) Hmm what to wear tomorrow!

Blackout Challenge One!

Snood: NowiStyle // Shirt: Motel // Cords: H&M // Boots: New Look

 "Have you ever wondered what your city would look like if just for one day, not one person was allowed to wear black – not even one iota? Would people behave differently? Would people be less hurried and more carefree?" I am taking part in the Blackout Challenge! See details here. I haven't had a pair of cords since I was... maybe 12? Lol. I love how warm they are, plus these were only £7 in H&M! They were sized wrongly, I'm usually a size 6, and had to get these in a size 10!


Top: NowiStyle // Skirt: NowiStyle // Leggings: American Apparel// Bracelets: Koko & Beau // Snood: Asos // Boots: Oasap

Rain rain go away! It's stopping me from blogging! Managed to get a couple shots outside after countless attempts indoors. I styled this army green slouchy top and thick winter skirt from nowistyle with my super fun aztec snood that I got last year from Asos, but they still carry it here! Woop :)

Sun Eyed Girl

Cardigan: NowiStyle // Star Shirt: NowiStyle // Skirt: H&M // Necklace: Ebay // Boots: New Look

Another comfy fall outfit! I bought this skirt yesterday (oops), I don't usually like flippy skirts as I think they make me look younger, but I just love this one, I love the colour, it's super thick, has a cute zip at the back and fits me perfectly. I instagrammed (@kokoluxe) this cardigan recently too, another goodie from NowiStyle! It's massive and so so warm, I throw it on over everything as it's freezing in my house most of the time :) And I adore my new boots from New Look, seriously the comfiest heels ever. I initially wanted the black pair, but decided to go for tan and am so glad I did!


Blue knit: NowiStyle // Fur Stole: H&M // Boots: Oasap // Bracelets: Koko & Beau 

I have so much to blog about at the moment, it's so exciting! I love this oversized knit, I love oversized anything,  as you all know :P one of the advantages of being so tiny is you can wear massive clothes and still look cute! Big love to nowistyle for sending me a huge box of goodies! Love love love! :)


Dress: Motel Rocks // Belt: American Apparel // Boots: Oasap

 I love love love this dress by Motel. It's such an amazing colour! Oh and I have some awesome news, I am now being represented by a modelling agency! I'm so excited, y'all know me... I love posin' it up :P it's kinda the perfect job. So hopefully I will get some work soon! Oh and my tripod is being returned to me on Tuesday, so I can finally get out there and do some location shoots! Loves x