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Yankee Candle Tart Wax Melts

One of the loveliest things about winter is coming in from playing in the snow and defrosting in a cosy warm house with a hot drink, a blanket and a movie (or 5 episodes of Revenge :P) Candles are a wonderful way to achieve that cosy feeling, even more so if they can fill your home with a delicious fragrance.

Victorinox Chrono Classic 1/100

Victorinox Swiss Army are known for their rich 130 year history and iconic Swiss Army Knife. Paying tribute to their heritage and values, Victorinox introduce the new Chrono Classic 1/100. This stunning silver and black chronograph exudes confidence and strikes a defiantly masculine pose; it's sure to make a statement regardless of whether you're in the office or out for the weekend.

Mountain Girl

I've been wearing these chunky snow boots constantly (which by the way are soooo comfy!), mostly with jeans and my billabong snowboard jacket :)

J'adore Paris

I was actually whisked off to Paris, like in the movies and it was magical :)

I.N.O.X. Watch

A decent watch should be the corner stone of every gents wardrobe. Essential for tying up the days dress, and keeping you on time for everything from that important date to scuba diving, there's a million different varieties out there.

Chatty Feet!

If you like quirky socks, you will love these ones by Chatty Feet! There are loads of funky characters to choose from, including boyfriend and girlfriend socks, Kate Middle-Toe socks (lol!) and various fabulously colourful, weird and wonderful men's, women's and kid's collections! The socks themselves are super soft and made from 75% combed cotton, 23% polyamide and 2% lycra. The perfect gift :)

Claudia Meller

I did some modelling recently for the designer Claudia Meller, she sells tons of gorgeous handmade scarves, skirts and kimonos in striking fabrics, definitely take a look at her website and facebook. It was a great day, I always have the best time on shoots! I love meeting other creative people :)

Walk The Line

I got sent this gorgeous dress from the designer brand Finders Keepers, the fabric is such good quality, you definitely get what you pay for. It feels heavenly on and the print is beautiful, something I would design... maybe they should employ me? hint hint :P


I was asked to be part of the Time4Sleep sleepover project and was sent this amazing box of goodies, including a dvd, face masks, pyjamas, slippers and some yummy treats! My friend Laura has travelled from London to spend the week with me in Devon and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to have some girly fun with my sleepover package!

Johnny Loves Rosie

I just adore flower garland head bands, they are so pretty and summery, especially with long messy blonde locks :) This one was sent to me by Little Black Dress and it is gorgeous. I love the chunky rope and assortment and arrangement of the flowers, it definitely makes a statement! I wore mine with a simple white off the shoulder lace dress, all I need now is a group of friends and a festival to go to!

Blue Skies

Plain White Tee

It doesn't get much simpler than this! An oversized white t-shirt and some denim shorts. The summer take on jeans and a tee = easy, breezy style :) And I miraculously don't look too twig like in these pics! YES! All the lunges lol :) I'm still in love with my blondeness too, if you're umming and aahing over going from brunette to blonde, dooo it girl!! It is so worth it, I just feel so summery all the time! :)

Show Stopper

Woah, have you seen this dress? I feel like I should be standing on a block belting out a ballad on Britain's Got Talent. It's amaazing! Give me a red carpet, a suited hunk and a movie premiere please, that would complete this look :P My mum is always amazed how everything that arrives in the post always fits me perfectly. One of the (only) joys of being tiny I suppose? :) Hope you've all been enjoying the sunshine! 


An old friend of mine recently sent me this hoody from his awesome shop/clothing range Watershed, and it's the softest, most amazing hoody ever. And as much as I love wearing pretty dresses and blazers, when you're going on an adventure and know you'll be climbing/skating etc, as I often do, shorts and hoodies are the way to go! So please go check out his effortlessly cool surfer shop, it's based in Newquay, but there's an online store too! LINK :)

Rose Print Dress

This is the kind of style I'd love to wear all the time, minimal, simple shapes with a hint of colour. The rose print is stunning and the quality of the dress is amazing. Front Row Shop are seriously impressing me! Also loving how all my outfits look so much more summery with messy blonde hair, amazingness!


Blue gingham shirt: Glamorous  |  jeans: depop  |  Boots: ebay

I got an awesome package from Glamorous yesterday including this gingham shirt :) I got it in a size 10 so it was uber oversized and I could tie it at the front. I'm a bit weird when it comes to sleeve length, they either have to be on my elbow or over my knuckles and because this shirt is so massive, they basically cover my entire hands, so I'm happy! lol :) I got the jeans from depop (I'm selling TONS, go follow if you're a size 6/8! @kokoluxe) they were originally from H&M and I got them super cheap so I could practise altering them. I have this problem of owning the tiniest pair of calves in the universe, so jeans are never actually 'super skinny' on me, ever! But I successfully took them in and now these are my fave jeans! Look look! They fit me on the calves! :D 

Also, do you like my hair? I finally got it fixed after my hideous ombre gone wrong experience in January. My bestie Mandy works for Seanhanna in London as their videographer and put me in contact with Skyler, who needed a model to practise make-up on before her catwalk show. So I spent all of Monday getting prosthetics and diamontes put on my face in exchange for a free cut/colour the following day. The lovely Tomm in the Putney branch did it and I'm so so happy, I finally feel pretty again lol. Yes, I am too obsessed with my hair :P


So you know how I've been lusting after a kimono for aaages? I finally got one, and it's beautiful! The print is so pretty and it just feels so luxurious and glamorous, I can see myself casually throwing this on in the summer everyday. I also got these sandals from House of Fraser, they are tres cool, but the leather is super hard so will take a lot of wearing in I think! 


Dress: Forever 21  |  Sandals: So Fab!

I have another set of So Fab photo's to promote their shoes :) They are just a fun collection of me in dresses and sandals freezing my lil butt off! I felt like Taylor Swift posing with my guitar lol.

Fudge Violet Toning Shampoo Review

This shampoo is amazing, as you can see from the photo! I left it on for about 6 minutes (roughly two songs lol) and it toned my blonde beautifully. I am sooo much happier with my hair since toning it and washing it a few times, the ombre seems to have blended more seamlessly. And I have a brand new way of styling it curly with the Tresemme volume styler that means I never have to use straighteners again! woohoo! I really want to make a youtube video with a demonstration, so hold me to that!

Anyway, the shampoo wasn't any more drying than what I was using before and it smelt pleasant, the only thing was that I got purple all over the shower, but it washed off instantly, so that's ok! :P I would definitely recommend this shampoo, and now I want to try all the other fudge blonde products. Seriously impressed!

It retails for £11.95 but I got it for £8.96 at gorgeous shop and the bottle recommends using it every other time you wash your hair, plus the bottle is huge, so I think it will last ages, bonus!

Ombre Gone Wrong | My Hair Nightmare

Before, After the first visit and After the second visit to the salon.

Ok, so I am extremely precious about my hair, I hadn't dyed it for 5/6 years whilst I was growing it out, I'd had two or three professional hair cuts in that time, but basically just cut a cm off myself every few months. I had wanted to go blonde for the last three years, but was terrified of the damage it would cause and the fact that I would need to go to the hairdressers every month to get it touched up, which I couldn't really afford, being a poor entrepreneur, and I might add, I am terrified of hairdressers, due to a LOT of horrific experiences, as in, I turn into a completely different, scared, shy person upon walking through the doors. But mostly, I couldn't justify spending money on my hair when I'm trying to make rent and eat.

However, when Barclaycard got in touch with me, offering me £50 to spend in any independent retailer, I thought it would be a good opportunity to do something a little different with my hair as I had become so bored of it. And with the popular trend of ombre being a great way to change up your hair without having to get the roots done constantly, I went ahead and booked a consultation at a local salon. It went swimmingly, I showed her the top two photo's and she went on to explain what would need to be done. Great! Or so I thought...

On the day, she put some tiny, wispy highlights all over, starting from the root, coloured the rest of my roots with a rich brown to 'warm it up' and then bleached the entire bottom up to a certain point. Result? Well, you can see... a very visible line between the blonde and brown with no gradient... nothing like the photo's I showed her. Thus a day of sobbing uncontrollably at how I could have let someone do this to my beautiful, precious hair ensued. My mum and boyfriend were very supportive and my mum said she'd take me back to the salon to get it fixed. So that's what we did. I walked in sheepishly and my mum explained how upset I was, I sat in the chair and explained what I wanted changed, which was incredibly difficult, because I don't know anything about hairdressing, so just kept pointing to the picture saying "this is what I wanted and it looks nothing like this!!"

The manager ended up coming over and trying to make me happier, she seemed to know what she was talking about a little more, so I ended up booking another appointment. A couple of days later, I went back and both the manager and supervisor of the salon added more of the brown colour as lowlights through the blonde, even though I said I wanted the very ends to be completely blonde... but they did get rid of the hideous wispy highlights all over, which started at the root (underneath my parting). The end result? Still nothing like the picture, but it has more of gradient as the blonde was toned down.


I ended up getting my hair completely re-done at Sean Hanna in London, in the Putney salon. They did an AMAZING job, I managed to score it for free by doing some modelling for them, but it would still have been worth every penny if I had had to pay for it. Here is the end result, so believe me when I say it can be fixed, you just need to go to a really good salon. Plus it's growing out beautifully, it is seamless!