Ombre Gone Wrong | My Hair Nightmare

Before, After the first visit and After the second visit to the salon.

Ok, so I am extremely precious about my hair, I hadn’t dyed it for 5/6 years whilst I was growing it out, I’d had two or three professional hair cuts in that time, but basically just cut a cm off myself every few months. I had wanted to go blonde for the last three years, but was terrified of the damage it would cause and the fact that I would need to go to the hairdressers every month to get it touched up, which I couldn’t really afford, being a poor entrepreneur, and I might add, I am terrified of hairdressers, due to a LOT of horrific experiences, as in, I turn into a completely different, scared, shy person upon walking through the doors. But mostly, I couldn’t justify spending money on my hair when I’m trying to make rent and eat.

However, when Barclaycard got in touch with me, offering me £50 to spend in any independent retailer, I thought it would be a good opportunity to do something a little different with my hair as I had become so bored of it. And with the popular trend of ombre being a great way to change up your hair without having to get the roots done constantly, I went ahead and booked a consultation at a local salon. It went swimmingly, I showed her the top two photo’s and she went on to explain what would need to be done. Great! Or so I thought…

On the day, she put some tiny, wispy highlights all over, starting from the root, coloured the rest of my roots with a rich brown to ‘warm it up’ and then bleached the entire bottom up to a certain point. Result? Well, you can see… a very visible line between the blonde and brown with no gradient… nothing like the photo’s I showed her. Thus a day of sobbing uncontrollably at how I could have let someone do this to my beautiful, precious hair ensued. My mum and boyfriend were very supportive and my mum said she’d take me back to the salon to get it fixed. So that’s what we did. I walked in sheepishly and my mum explained how upset I was, I sat in the chair and explained what I wanted changed, which was incredibly difficult, because I don’t know anything about hairdressing, so just kept pointing to the picture saying “this is what I wanted and it looks nothing like this!!”

The manager ended up coming over and trying to make me happier, she seemed to know what she was talking about a little more, so I ended up booking another appointment. A couple of days later, I went back and both the manager and supervisor of the salon added more of the brown colour as lowlights through the blonde, even though I said I wanted the very ends to be completely blonde… but they did get rid of the hideous wispy highlights all over, which started at the root (underneath my parting). The end result? Still nothing like the picture, but it has more of gradient as the blonde was toned down.


I ended up getting my hair completely re-done at Sean Hanna in London, in the Putney salon. They did an AMAZING job, I managed to score it for free by doing some modelling for them, but it would still have been worth every penny if I had had to pay for it. Here is the end result, so believe me when I say it can be fixed, you just need to go to a really good salon. Plus it’s growing out beautifully, it is seamless!


  • Reply Faye_Oliviaa January 14, 2014 at 9:33 pm

    I had the same problem when I went to the hairdressers too! I just ended up curly my hair till it started to blend better xx

  • Reply JewelryBox November 2, 2014 at 9:38 pm

    This just happened to me. A month now has past and I just can't stand my hair. When I put it up, all I see is black root and blond tail. 🙁 don't know what to do. I curl it to make it look better but I can't do that all the time. So damaging! I'm too shy to go back to complain.

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