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Ladies’ Day at the 2016 Cheltenham Festival

There are various major horse racing events taking place within the UK over the coming year, including the fabulous Royal Ascot as well as the Grand National. Another event that many men and women will be looking forward to is the Cheltenham Festival, which takes place from 15th to 18th March 2016. This is a hugely popular event and is one that is well attended by women as well as men, with the Ladies’ Day event being especially popular.

Next year’s Cheltenham Festival Ladies’ Day event will take place on 16th March 2016, and this is set to be a great and exciting day that women of all ages can look forward to. These are days where girlfriends can get together and enjoy a unique day out where they can take in the fun, excitement, thrills and atmosphere of the races as well as indulge in some Cheltenham Festival 2016 betting through sites such as Coral.

You will need to do a little forward planning when it comes to attending this event from planning your betting strategies to planning your outfit. In the event build up you can go onto sites such as Coral, as you can then get plenty of information, tips and advice that will provide you with inspiration with regards to picking a horse for your Cheltenham Festival 2016 betting. Another thing you will need to plan is what to wear, as Ladies’ Days are all about fashion as well as enjoying an exciting day out at the races.

As a group of women all heading to the event together, planning what to wear is all part and parcel of the excitement. This provides the perfect opportunity for you and your friends to really glam up with stunning outfits and bold makeup. Of course, you should also bear in mind that a day at the races can be a long and tiring one, so do add a little practicality when choosing your outfit. For example, rather than choosing the highest stiletto shoes you can find opt for kitten heels, as they still look glamorous but will be far easier on your feet! Also, make sure you bear in mind that the weather in March can still be pretty cool in the UK so if you don’t already have one invest in a smart jacket, shrug or coat to wear over your outfit.

If you’ve never been to the races before, it is always a good idea to get some inspiration from what other people have worn to past Ladies’ Day events. Many of the Royals and celebrities that attend these events have got the dress code down to a tee and while you might have to opt for slightly cheaper outfits you can get a good idea when it comes to style and colours by doing this.

Back to Black... aka Natural Medium Cool Brown!

So I got bored of my blonde ombre, I've had it for a couple of years and it had grown out a lot and I was just sick of it, it always looked dry and I'm just over the whole thing, so I went back to my roots! Albeit a little darker, but I love it! I feel soooo much more me with dark hair, I was always more goth than cheerleader, hahaha :D I have naturally cool toned hair, so I went with

Barbour Tack Fedora | Trench Coat | Riding Boots

This is my 'country casual' winter outfit, I finally got round to sewing on the buttons that fell off my coat last winter in Switzerland and styled it with this beautiful Barbour hat, which fits like a dream (I got the size small) and it's lined so it doesn't scratch your forehead, hooray! This was a fun shoot because it was sooo windy today, my hat blew off twice lol. All I need is a field and a Land-rover to stand next to eh? :P

My Go To Autumn Look

I went to an awesome zoo for the last four days! It was sooo pretty and like walking through a movie set! THEY HAD PANDAS! I genuinely almost cried when I saw one, it was amaaaazing. They are the cutest things ever, so zen and fluffy and adorable, real life cuddley toys. It is now cold and rainy in Belgium, just like the UK, so I wore mygo to autumn outfit, jeans, shirt, jacket and boots. Casual and boring :P As always, jeans from H&M, shirt from New Look and boots and jacket from River Island, all super old! I've actually had these boots for the last 5 or 6 years, they are serving me well :P

My Van Conversion

Hi guys! It's been a long time coming, but finally, the van conversion is complete! Transformed from a semi-habitable, ugly and dark van, to a bright, white, small mobile flat complete with beautiful furnishings in just three weeks! Matthew did most of the work back in Cornwall at his parents place with his dad's tools, inserting a wooden ceiling, fitting the units and counter top, installing the tap/water system, insulating like a mad man, making the double seat (that sneakily houses the toilet) among many many other little jobs! And I made the cushion for the seat from an old mattress topper, sewed the curtains and helped with the painting, but mostly I got to do the fun bit, decorate!

White Shirt

Casual outfit I wore today whilst picking up stuff for the van! Can't go wrong with an oversized white shirt, especially when it's an overcast day :)

Ladies Day Style

I wore this outfit, plus a black blazer, for an exciting interview to work at H&M's head office in Stockholm as a print designer and needed a fashionable outfit which was work appropriate. I have styled it here for the Quiz #madeinsummer campaign which is all about memories made during the events of the sunny season. I popped on a rather understated and elegant decorative headband for the Ladies Day theme and I think it looks good, even with my long messy boho hair and no make up hippie vibe ;)

Summer Wedding Outfits with Lyst

A few of my friends got married this summer, so I thought I'd put a moodboard together for outfit inspiration, plus everyone likes pretty dresses :) I've chosen a light, neutral colour palette with pops of coral and floral prints for a fresh summer look. I also included a couple of easy pieces to throw over a dress, or cover your arms in case it's a bit chilly, because we all know how changeable the British weather can be! I think the jacquard dress is beautiful and I am loving the nude heels (so me!) plus they're a bargain at £13!

What is your spirit animal?

I first became familiar with the term spirit animal when my boyfriend told me how he was spiritually connected to the Weavil beetle and that it has been an animal that has recurrently visited him at times when there have been big changes ahead. He explained it to me like this:

Sudio Klang Earphones + OOTD

This cardigan/dress was the bargain of the century! If you live in the South West, no doubt you've heard of Trago Mills, I get my art supplies from there and always have a wonder around the unsightly rails of clothes just in case there is a hidden gem amongst all the rubbish! Last time I found an Asos cable knit jumper for £9 and this time I found this French Connection dress for £5! It's always worth a look! There were four dresses all in a size 6 and I legit considered buying all four and selling three on ebay :P

Thomas Sabo Light of Luna Bracelet

I was recently asked by Joshua James Jewellery if I'd like to review one of their products, so I chose this beautiful bracelet by Thomas Sabo. It is 925 stirling silver with white zirconia enveloping a gorgeous milky aquamarine gemstone. Adjustable from 16.5 - 19.5cm, I have it on the smallest size and it fits my tiny wrist perfectly. It is so dainty and feminine and came in a beautifully presented box, it would be a perfect gift for that special someone and is a welcome new addition to the collection of bracelets that never leave my wrist!

Life's Most Acceptable Little Indulgences

There is little more enjoyable in life than the freedom you feel when holidays come round, and those usually off-limit treats become a daily indulgence. Sadly, life isn’t one long holiday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep a guiltless taste for the finer things, or that a healthy and active lifestyle can’t include the occasional dip into the pool of temptation - with a glass of champagne in-hand.

RJH | Icon Printing Tshirt

I was recently asked if I wanted to print my own t-shirt by Icon Printing, and since I have rebranded myself as RJH in my design life, I thought it would look rad on a shirt :P I designed the logo on illustrator and sent them a visualisation of how I wanted it to look in terms of size and placement and they had no trouble printing it just as I specified.

Outdoor Urban Fashion 101: Ideas and Tips

With the summer months coming in, it's the perfect time to start planning a new wardrobe. If you are an outdoorsy type and need your wardrobe to be both functional and stylish, it can be a tricky balance to strike. Invest a little time and do a little research, and you can have both options at your fingertips in no time. 


Spezia is a bustling port town with a cute harbour, loads of massive palm trees and lots and lots of little streets with various shops, pizzeria's and gelateria's! I stopped for some authentic italian pasta which was delicious and walked around taking the sights in! I wore this beautiful lace skirt from Forever 21 and a slightly crinkled denim shirt along with a little plait in my hair to keep my untamed fringe off my face :P


Another day another mountain! Yesterday I drove up to Mattarone which was terrifying in a massive van on tiny windy roads with death drops on one side! But the view at the top was worth it :) Then I drove to a campsite, which was closed so I parked up by the gates, went to sleep and drove in to the camp in the morning to shower! Just been chilling all day today, read some of my book and got some groceries. Off to another town tomorrow!

Aztec Backpack

Went to a really pretty lake today, it was actually warm! I wore my super baggy, super thick sweater from American Apparel with skin-tight skinny jeans to balance the look and my Primark aztec backpack that I lug around with me everywhere! I got it about a month ago so not sure if it will still be in stock, but there's an ebay seller selling it for £18 (it was originally £8!) so that's an option, if a bit cheeky! On another note, I'm off to Italy tomorrow, hello aaaall the pizza!! :D

Orange Mountain

Today I went to Evian, yes, where the water comes from! Not massively exciting, but it was very pretty lol. I wore my denim shirt and jacket most of the day, but it got warmer in the evening so I peeled off the layers to reveal a fun orange boxy tee!

Fedora Style

One of my trusty regular outfits but styled with my new hat :)

Going to the races in style

Although London Fashion Week has recently wrapped up for another year, there is another date on the fashion calendar that offers a great way to check out the year’s upcoming styles. And that’s Ladies Day at the Grand National.

Flamingo Gifts

Flamingo Gifts got in touch with me recently to see if I wanted to review a few of their products, they have some really lovely items on there, so of course I said yes! Lets start with the beautiful Alphie Fox Cushion which is so cute! I love patterns and I love foxes and this is going to look awesome in mine and Gandalf's campervan (more details about that soon!).

5 Reasons Why Your Retail Shop Should Install LED Lights

Hi girls! Have you ever thought about running your own boutique shop, selling cute items that you covet yourself and sharing your fashion taste with the world in a commercial way? I'm sure most of us fashionistas have! Being your own boss is brilliant and has basically been my life since university, I am a freelance textile print designer, photographer, artist and model (just a few ways I've made rent in the last few years!)

Pastel Pink Ombre with La Riche in Carnation Pink

Hey guys! I got bored of my slowly growing out blonde ombre hair so decided to dye it pastel pink, completely on a whim! Pretty sure the only person I told was my brother, which is unheard of for me as I usually need at least 5 more opinions from friends before I do anything to my beloved tresses! ha :D

Tribal Wrap Cardi

This is a very long awaited post! I must have received this cardi about two months ago (sorry! But reduced, yey!). It's been too cold to just wear a cardi without a million under layers and a coat on top. I got this hat in Exeter yesterday and I looove it, I have wanted one for about a year and a half, and this one from Next is perfect for my tiny head. I'm going to style it with everything!