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Pastel Pink Ombre with La Riche in Carnation Pink

Hey guys! I got bored of my slowly growing out blonde ombre hair so decided to dye it pastel pink, completely on a whim! Pretty sure the only person I told was my brother, which is unheard of for me as I usually need at least 5 more opinions from friends before I do anything to my beloved tresses! ha :D

Tribal Wrap Cardi

This is a very long awaited post! I must have received this cardi about two months ago (sorry! But reduced, yey!). It's been too cold to just wear a cardi without a million under layers and a coat on top. I got this hat in Exeter yesterday and I looove it, I have wanted one for about a year and a half, and this one from Next is perfect for my tiny head. I'm going to style it with everything!