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5 Reasons Why Your Retail Shop Should Install LED Lights

Hi girls! Have you ever thought about running your own boutique shop, selling cute items that you covet yourself and sharing your fashion taste with the world in a commercial way? I'm sure most of us fashionistas have! Being your own boss is brilliant and has basically been my life since university, I am a freelance textile print designer, photographer, artist and model (just a few ways I've made rent in the last few years!)
Owning a shop has a lot of outgoing costs, which is something I don't have to worry about as most of my work is digital and free to produce, but for those ladies who have taken the plunge and opened a retail business, there are lots of considerations to take into account and one of those is lighting. I had come across Recoup lighting which provides retail LED lights for your shop and can help you save money in the long run. There are lots of benefits to LED's and I am going to list my top 5!

1. It's cheaper to run. LED lights have dramatically higher efficiency & lower power usage compared to incandescent lights. Outdated lighting technologies waste a large amount of the energy they consume on producing heat instead of light.  This means an elevated electricity bill.  Switching to LED lighting saves retail outlets thousands of pounds, whilst providing equivalent, if not increased, levels of light.

2. They look great! Commercial LED lighting attracts more custom.  Clean and powerful light is the best way to showcase merchandise and consistent, natural lighting creates a pleasant in-shop environment for customers, increasing the chance of more sales conversions. Another aesthetically pleasing option would be to include more of a statement light along with the LED lighting as a design feature in your retail outlet, such as the ones from Winona.

3. They run at much lower temperatures which increases their life span. Excess heat produced by fluorescent tubes and halogen bulbs causes them to burn out quickly.  In most retail environments, LED lights last for 15-30 years meaning that even more money can be saved on maintenance.

4. They have a typically lower infra-red and ultraviolet output. This can also mean a lower fire risk, especially compared to halogen downlights. Plus they won't damage or discolour the garments in your shop over time.

5. They are more environmentally friendly as they don't emit as much CO2. Plus, unlike fluorescent, halogen and CFL lights, LED retail lighting contains no mercury or glass.  Mercury can be very damaging to human health if inhaled and broken glass can cause injury.  Switching to LED lighting is a simple solution to increasing health and safety in your retail premises.

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