Going to the races in style

Although London Fashion Weekhas recently wrapped up for another year, there is another date on the fashion calendar that offers a great way to check out the year’s upcoming styles. And that’s Ladies Dayat the Grand National.

This year the big event falls on Friday 10 April, and as the racing takes places at the historic Aintree racecourse in Liverpool, it’s a great way to sample the warm hospitality of the region, and also do a little celeb-spotting.

However, a day at the races can cause something of a fashion predicament. So here’s a quick list of options for making sure that you stay stylish whilst cheering on your favourite horse! When it comes to picking actual horses to back you can take a more logical approach and use the expertsbut we would just recommend some good old pot luck so pick your favorite name. 

The hat question

Only weddings seem to raise more issues about headwear than races. And that’s for good reason, as there have been many crimes against fashion with over enthusiastic fashionistas wearing ever more gaudy and elaborate hats.

So the trick is to keep things stylish and chic. Contemporary looks with muted colours are a good way to make sure that you don’t attract the wrong kind of attention. But if you simply must go for it, then a sleek fascinator can add a sense of occasion and fun to the day out! 

Dress codes

Although the day is primarily about dressing up in your best, it shouldn’t be forgotten that race meetings are fairly traditional affairs, and as such, it’s best to aim for dresses and skirts that are somewhat ‘modest’ in length.

And very importantly, remember that the race day is held in April and even though it is springtime, the temperatures in the northwest can often struggle to reach double figures at this time of year. So be sure to layer up with a smart blazer that can simply be thrown over your dress to make sure that you stay warm when outdoors! 

The country look

As races are events where the country meets the city, it’s often fun to play on this by incorporating touches of the country look into your attire. This can be done by using highly traditional fabrics such as tweed in a way that is modern, and more importantly, warm!

But as the race meetings take place in spring, it’s also a good opportunity to celebrate the coming of warmer months with a dress that displays a big and colourful floral print to really add a sense of fun to the occasion!

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