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Spezia is a bustling port town with a cute harbour, loads of massive palm trees and lots and lots of little streets with various shops, pizzeria's and gelateria's! I stopped for some authentic italian pasta which was delicious and walked around taking the sights in! I wore this beautiful lace skirt from Forever 21 and a slightly crinkled denim shirt along with a little plait in my hair to keep my untamed fringe off my face :P


Another day another mountain! Yesterday I drove up to Mattarone which was terrifying in a massive van on tiny windy roads with death drops on one side! But the view at the top was worth it :) Then I drove to a campsite, which was closed so I parked up by the gates, went to sleep and drove in to the camp in the morning to shower! Just been chilling all day today, read some of my book and got some groceries. Off to another town tomorrow!

Aztec Backpack

Went to a really pretty lake today, it was actually warm! I wore my super baggy, super thick sweater from American Apparel with skin-tight skinny jeans to balance the look and my Primark aztec backpack that I lug around with me everywhere! I got it about a month ago so not sure if it will still be in stock, but there's an ebay seller selling it for £18 (it was originally £8!) so that's an option, if a bit cheeky! On another note, I'm off to Italy tomorrow, hello aaaall the pizza!! :D

Orange Mountain

Today I went to Evian, yes, where the water comes from! Not massively exciting, but it was very pretty lol. I wore my denim shirt and jacket most of the day, but it got warmer in the evening so I peeled off the layers to reveal a fun orange boxy tee!

Fedora Style

One of my trusty regular outfits but styled with my new hat :)