Life’s Most Acceptable Little Indulgences

There is little more enjoyable in life than the freedom you feel when holidays come round, and those usually off-limit treats become a daily indulgence. Sadly, life isn’t one long holiday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep a guiltless taste for the finer things, or that a healthy and active lifestyle can’t include the occasional dip into the pool of temptation – with a glass of champagne in-hand.
Maybe you had a great day at work, gave a little extra at the gym, or perhaps you just require the smallest of pick-me-ups to turn a bad day good. A little indulgence is never a negative thing, as in all parts of life it’s a matter of balance and compromise, or as the old saying goes, “everything in moderation.” So what are some of the finer and simpler things that can have you feeling like your holiday-self every day of the year?

1. Let’s skip straight to dessert 
Sure that inner-guru has warned you off a slice of red-velvet cake or tiramisu all week. But, it’s Friday night, and whether you’re having dinner with friends, or a quiet and relaxing night in, nothing quite says, “I love you,” to yourself, like plating your favourite final course. If you’re still not convinced, then pick-up a luxury bar of dark chocolate, which is both delicious and filled with beneficial antioxidants.

2. Keep a good book at hand 
The best way to read and relax would be to draw a bath, and sink into the suds and your favourite prose. Always having a good book handy can be the escape you need, when life seems a little too much to handle.

3. A glass of bubbles 
Champagne is the ultimate mood changer; it’s nearly impossible to not feel lifted by a glass of bubbles. It’s a staple at every major event—toasting an engagement, celebrating birthdays—and sometimes the reason to let your hair down is the champagne itself. Keep an eye-out for champagne deals, or champagne by the case from retailers like Tesco, as you never know when that sparkling bottle will turn your day around.

 4. A little sun and fresh air 
With days filled by work-life, commuting, the gym, the stresses of home, and restaurants; sometimes it can feel like our lives are confined to four walls and a ceiling. Letting the weight of the world fall from your shoulders is often as easy as stepping out the door and going for a walk on a sunny day, or bringing your lunch to the nearest park bench instead of sitting and eating behind your desk. A little fresh air and open space is a wonderful way to regain that positive perspective.

It’s easy to think life would be best if every day were a celebration, but balance is what makes the simple moments sweet, and the great moments that much greater. So next time you find yourself wishing for a break, just think of these smaller indulgences that will bring you that holiday feeling. Image source (and recipe!)

Image source and recipe here!

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  • Reply Gem Babbles May 31, 2015 at 1:52 pm

    I knew I'd like this post starting from point #1! Desserts can make any day better 🙂
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