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RJH | Icon Printing Tshirt

I was recently asked if I wanted to print my own t-shirt by Icon Printing, and since I have rebranded myself as RJH in my design life, I thought it would look rad on a shirt :P I designed the logo on illustrator and sent them a visualisation of how I wanted it to look in terms of size and placement and they had no trouble printing it just as I specified.

I ordered a size L as I wanted it oversized and to be able to tie a knot at the front, it was still smaller than I had expected, but I managed a tiny knot :) I really like the turn ups on the sleeves, even if I turned them a couple more times! For this one colour print, the tee came to £17.46 inc delivery. I was also gifted this lovely pearl bracelet to add to my stack! I got the chunky blue one and the black beaded ones on ebay, the red/yellow/green from the Eden Project and the rest I made myself, not that you can see them much, I've been meaning to make some more actually :)

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