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My Van Conversion

Hi guys! It's been a long time coming, but finally, the van conversion is complete! Transformed from a semi-habitable, ugly and dark van, to a bright, white, small mobile flat complete with beautiful furnishings in just three weeks! Matthew did most of the work back in Cornwall at his parents place with his dad's tools, inserting a wooden ceiling, fitting the units and counter top, installing the tap/water system, insulating like a mad man, making the double seat (that sneakily houses the toilet) among many many other little jobs! And I made the cushion for the seat from an old mattress topper, sewed the curtains and helped with the painting, but mostly I got to do the fun bit, decorate!

White Shirt

Casual outfit I wore today whilst picking up stuff for the van! Can't go wrong with an oversized white shirt, especially when it's an overcast day :)