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How To: Tips For Making Your Room Look Bigger

Making a small room look a little bigger can be a tricky task. With only so much square footage to work with, a small room will always maintain a certain petite quality. But that doesn't mean you can't make it feel at least a little bit larger simply by way of organisation and decoration! Here are some tips in that regard.

White, Gold and Blue Ladies Day Outfits

I remember when I lived in Chester, walking by the canal on my way into town on race day and seeing hundreds of boys in suits, each with a pint in hand, laughing and being generally raucous. I'm not sure where the lady's hung out, but it seemed that they had some unspoken rule of 'boys get this part of town and girls get this part' lol. But you'd see them as you got closer to the racecourse, in their pretty outfits and fancy hats. I actually got a job at Chester racecourse the second day I moved to Chester.