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How To: Tips For Making Your Room Look Bigger

Making a small room look a little bigger can be a tricky task. With only so much square footage to work with, a small room will always maintain a certain petite quality. But that doesn't mean you can't make it feel at least a little bit larger simply by way of organisation and decoration! Here are some tips in that regard.

Space Out Furniture
The first instinct of a lot of people attempting to make a room look larger is to push furniture right up against the walls or into corners. If you're counting available square feet, doing this will leave the largest possible space in the middle of the room. However, there's a partly visual and partly psychological factor in shoving furniture up against edges that makes the room feel more cramped. So, one set of tips recommends spacing things out, because leaving a little breathing room around furniture lends the appearance of more space.

Strategize With Shelves & Bookcases
One pretty comprehensive list of ways to make a small room feel bigger largely concerned the arrangement and design of shelves and bookcases. For instance, it was suggested to build in floor-to-ceiling or wall-to-wall bookcases to expand how high and wide your ceiling and walls appear. This may mean doing a little bit of your own carpentry to achieve a perfect fit, which can sound daunting. But you can actually start to get a feel for a project like this merely through the equipment involved. Frankly, sorting through tools can be a little bit of a confusing process, but by looking through a tool shop's organized layout of items you'll see a full range of clearly defined tools for a DIY project like building shelves or expanding bookcases. Whether through browsing options or reading customer reviews, you can get a good feel for what you need and how to use it. Meanwhile, the StyleCaster article also mentions that once your shelves are constructed, a little bit of open space on the shelves gives the appearance that your room as a whole has space to spare.

Do Away With Overhead Lighting
The most common trick with regard to lighting is to allow as much natural light as possible to enter the room. This tends to open up the space, expanding the room to the eye. But one post on making small spaces feel bigger had another very interesting suggestion, which was to do away with overhead lighting altogether. The point is made that overhead lighting casts light over a whole area, in a way pulling the room inward toward a central light. By ditching overhead lighting and placing lamps or sconces throughout the room instead, you can draw the eye to different areas around the space, making it feel more expansive.

Decorate With Larger Items
The same article referenced in the last section mentions something called the "cantaloupe rule," which states that any decorative object smaller than a cantaloupe crowds a room, whereas anything larger (so long as you don't get too many items) can help the room to feel larger and more accommodating. Basically, you'd rather stock your room with a few meaningful, statement decorations than a bunch of clutter. Keep this idea in mind for every aspect of decor, from wall art to extra pillows.

Paint The Walls With Light Colours
The psychology of colour in a room is actually somewhat fascinating and takes a little bit of reading to fully understand. But on a very basic level, we know that dark colours, particularly in an enclosed space, make that space feel smaller. Lighter colours by contrast can make it feel a little bit softer and more open. So if you're truly committed to enlarging the room, do a little bit of research on how to paint an interior and try a shade of cream, pale yellow or green, etc. It's a tall order if you don't have painting experience, but painting can actually be learned on the go, and so long as you stock up on the proper equipment you can make this a nice DIY project. That covers a lot of the basics, and you may be surprised with how effective even one or two of these steps can be! You really can make a huge difference in how large a room feels just with some minor shifts in decor and arrangement.

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