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White, Gold and Blue Ladies Day Outfits

I remember when I lived in Chester, walking by the canal on my way into town on race day and seeing hundreds of boys in suits, each with a pint in hand, laughing and being generally raucous. I'm not sure where the lady's hung out, but it seemed that they had some unspoken rule of 'boys get this part of town and girls get this part' lol. But you'd see them as you got closer to the racecourse, in their pretty outfits and fancy hats. I actually got a job at Chester racecourse the second day I moved to Chester.
I didn't end up going though because on my first day, I was walking out the house and got a call that my shift had been cancelled and so I decided it was fate and that I was supposed to be a full time blogger, which worked really well actually. I ended up doing lots of modelling as an extra way to earn an income, which massively increased my confidence and is still something I really enjoy. Anyway, I digress! Ladies Day is such a big event, I always end up blogging about it. Who doesn't love getting dressed up? It's like prom for adults haha.

I love styling outfits and have put together three different looks with three different colour palettes, so you can choose which colour suits your personality. Will it be classic white, fresh mid blue or will you mix it up a bit with a punchy gold look? I think my favourite is the white outfit, I love the elegance, simplicity and cut of the dress mixed with the floral texture of the clutch and instead of plain pearls or diamond studs, a bit of a modern twist with the geometric earrings.




If you want to be a bit different this year, instead of opting for the typical white, pink or floral outfit, try the cool, but still classy, gold look which will surely make you stand out from the crowd! The classic white look will always impress, it is clean, effortless and elegant and the blue asymmetric look is a classic ladies day colour but with a modern shape. And if you don't know which horse to bet on? Cheltenham Ladies day results page will help you to focus.


  1. Those dresses look lovely, but the white one is my absolute favorite! :) xx