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Deciphering Modern Day Dress Codes

With the summer season swiftly approaching, it provides plenty of dilemmas for the modern day fashion guru. As well as the tantalising question of what to wear for a day at the beach, summer also has plenty of social occasions like weddings that include dress codes that can be more than a little confusing!

Dress codes are a pretty old-fashioned concept and can still be found in a wide range of social occasions from job interviews to nights out at the casino and the theatre. And whilst they can initially sound a bit scary, they can help us narrow down our fashion choices in a way that I actually find pretty helpful!

White tie events used to scare me to death, but I think us ladies have it easier than the gents as it means that we all get to wear some particularly fabulous floor-length gowns, and we can even glam it up subtly with some chic accessories like long gloves.

Although black tie events sound like they’d be suited to nights around the roulette table, they can actually cover a range of events from weddings to posh horse racing meetings. This is pretty similar to the white tie option, but I think most of us could get away with a particularly swish cocktail dress for this one!

However, it’s when they start saying things like ‘black-tie optional’ and ‘semi-formal’ that I get confused. What seems to work for me is to mix things up with some separates and having some statement accessories like a flashy handbag or sparkly hair clutch.

This kind of look works well in places where there’s an expectation of glamour that often falls by the wayside in reality. Although most VIP nightclubs have some pretty elaborate dresscodes, they’re usually implemented to scare off the passing drunkard rather than someone who’s wanting to spend their hard-earned money!

Even casinos nowadays expect little more than ‘smart casual’, and thankfully we can get in some practice beforehand by taking a bet on red or black at Betway which has online roulette games that are perfect for a quick spin whilst we try and squeeze into that little black dress!

One recent trend I’ve noticed is dress codes that ask for a ‘festive’ look. Whilst nobody seems to know exactly what this means, a bit of online research reveals that it gives us the chance to really embrace some more colourful options in a way that’s just a touch more opulent than our everyday casual wear.

So whether we’re perfecting our look for one more game of online roulette, or trying to find that cute matching two-piece for the semi-formal occasion, with a bit of imagination even the strictest dress code can be a lot of fun!

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