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Do You Regret Cutting Your Hair?

Natural to blonde to shorter to lob!
So it's been about 4 months since I cut my hair short and I have settled on a shoulder length brunette 'lob'. So what is the verdict? What have I learnt from cutting off my safety blanket? And do I ever miss my waist length blonde/brunette locks?... 

...Nope, never!

Judging from the above photo's, you might be like, but Rach, your hair was beautiful, why did you cut it! So here are some more photo's of the REALITY of long hair:

natural and after bleaching (ie MASS breakage)
A dry, frizzy, tangled, broken MESS! I barely used heat too. I'm sure there are some girls out there with the hair type that doesn't break when it gets long, but dang, I was not one of them lol. I did absolutely love it sometimes and it did make me feel like a sexy mermaid and it was really awesome being able to cover my boobs with my hair. But after two or three years of really long hair, especially after I bleached it and it started breaking off and getting SO thin at the ends, it felt disgusting, took forever to dry, never looked good anymore and I HATED it.

At first, I just cut the really broken bits off and it felt so much healthier. Then I left it for a bit and went traveling and when I came back I died it brown and it looked so much healthier, by this time I'd developed a bit of an addiction to change and so decided to cut in a full fringe. Then I spent an inordinate amount of time looking at photo's of lobs and one day managed to convince my bf at the time to hack it all off and it was LIBERATING!

Full fringe to shorter to now shoulder length (my fave!)
Gosh, I can't begin to tell you how much I loved it. I washed it everyday, just because I could, because it dried in under 5 minutes! So here are the benefits of having short hair and why I will never have super long hair again:

1. It doesn't get tangled
2. It doesn't break/no split ends!
3. It looks and feels SO healthy and shiny
4. It is way thicker
5. It takes zero time to wash/straighten/curl/style
6. It is SO CLEAN and smells SO GOOD because you never put off washing it cause it dries so quickly. I'd go four days without washing my long hair because I dreaded the whole washing/drying/styling process.
7. It doesn't hurt to have a ponytail!
8. Way more volume at the roots = fun flippy hair
9. I can run my fingers through it without getting my hands stuck
10. I legit don't have bad hair days anymore

I was SO attached to my long hair, but when I cut it off, it was amazing, I somehow felt more like myself, long hair just didn't represent how I felt about life or myself anymore, if that makes any sense! I guess I just grew up. I had nothing to hide behind, I looked more sophisticated and less like a 16 year old and the benefits massively outweighed the negatives... actually, the only negative I can think of is that I sometimes have to wear a bra with certain tops/dresses now lol.


  1. The shorter hair really suits you! Definitely swaying me to go for the chop too <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile