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How to Layer

For a casual and warm look, throw on a plain jumper over your oversized shirt and add a co-ordinating beanie for a bit of interest. I find it easier to add a loose fitting jumper over an oversized shirt, otherwise it gets all bunched up and feels awkward. Mine is slightly cropped due to it being from the kids section, but with surprisingly long sleeves! I love this look paired with my white boyfriend shirt too.

In other news, I’ve recently started up my jewellery brand Koko & Beau again, selling cute chokers. I might add a few bracelets too as they were my main sellers back in the day. I made a few to add to my wrist stack anyway and bought a few from H&M and Primark, so now my wrists are back to being beautifully decorated, I love it! I’ll show you in my next outfit series which I’m shooting with Tom in the next couple of weeks. I was actually really surprised at how many skinny friendship bracelets there were in Primark, I had to customize every single one cause they were huge (and I got about 30 of them lol), but they are so pretty. If I could, I’d add some Vivienne Westwood bracelets to my stack, the small chains with tiny charms are exactly the look I’m going for, basically I love tiny, skinny bracelets but piled hiiiigh!

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