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Etched Drinks Personalised Gin

Free gin you say? Well why not :P I was thinking about going to the Yin before Gin class at The Wonder Inn anyway (The most magical place in Manchester!) I love Yin yoga and am partial to a G&T every now and again, so when Etched Drinks got in touch, how could I refuse!...

I put together this funky label on Photoshop and uploaded it to the site and a few days later, I got this awesome looking bottle of Gin. It arrived in a crazy cool bubble-wrap-bottle-cushion, and the sticker is ace, it came out exactly as I'd hoped. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm not much of a gin connoisseur so I doubt I'd be very useful on that front :P There are loads of other options on the site too, the cocktails would be really cute for weddings or parties and such, I could design them for you! Get in touch! Rachael@kokoluxe.com :D

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