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It's too cold to blog!

It is officially too cold to be outside in anything other than a puffer jacket, hat, scarves and gloves, so I only got these two rubbish shots lol, sorry guys! I'm gunna find somewhere inside to blog, with heating! My house is probably too dark... Anyway! On to the actual clothes! The red cardigan is refreshingly super soft, stretchy and warm and from...

... VIPMe, but definitely not as red as the photo, it's more of a burnt/faded orange and you can use my code Koko330 for $5 off orders over $50. The grey tee is really cute and from Audacious Style, they also sent me this beautiful dress, but the fabric is that horrible, scratchy material and I can't wear it! :( Lastly, this lovely, cosy grey jumper is from StyleWe and is also super soft and stretchy. I also got this massive purple cardigan, which was in my instagram post here and is sooo warm but a bit more granny-esque than hipster, haha :P

You might also have noticed that I cut most of my hair off XD It's a bit longer than I asked for and is more of a weird bob than a pixie cut, but I'm not sure whether to cut more off or just grow it out again? It feels incredible, but is kind of an annoying length, aaah I dunno. what do you think? x


  1. You look a bit different with short hairstyle, but still pretty. It suits you perfectly. Love your new look.
    Kisses from jecicadress

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