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Why I cut all my hair off - pixie update!

I've been trying to find a way to write this post for the last few weeks, I think I needed some time to reflect properly on how I felt about it and how to put it into words. So here goes.

On the 8th July 2014 I genuinely captioned an instagram post: "I'd be nothing without my hair." Along with this photo:

And I currently look like this:

Yeah. Lol.

I used to be obsessed with my hair, and the thought of cutting it terrified me, it truly was my safety blanket. It took me about a year of contemplation to cut off maybe 5 inches of really horribly damaged and bleached, waist length hair, but within a couple of months, I'd cut off a bit more and then a bit more and a bit more. I was totally hooked. It might sound weird, but each time I cut my hair, it was like I was...

It's too cold to blog!

It is officially too cold to be outside in anything other than a puffer jacket, hat, scarves and gloves, so I only got these two rubbish shots lol, sorry guys! I'm gunna find somewhere inside to blog, with heating! My house is probably too dark... Anyway! On to the actual clothes! The red cardigan is refreshingly super soft, stretchy and warm and from...