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Top 10 Reasons I Love Living in Manchester

1. It's flat, so it's easy to cycle or skate everywhere.
2. It's fairly small, so it's easy to travel about, especially with the tram system, the worst thing about London was that it took 40 minutes to get anywhere, here, I can get the tram into town in 15 minutes.
3. The Wonder Inn is just the most magical, wonderful place.
4. I live about 200m from a big vegan supermarket and another 200m from Morrisons, the tram station, bus stop, Boots, Veg shops, Holland and Barrett, 3 craft stores, charity shops and more!
5. There is always something to do, and often it's free. Inner Space runs free meditation/life workshops, there is open mic every night somewhere in the city, Pen:Chant is a wicked spoken word/ music/ comedy night, the Frog and Bucket has free amateur comedy nights every Monday (with a flyer), there are loads of climbing centres, cinemas, vegan food places, art galleries, museums, exhibitions, events etc!
6. It has an airport, the tram goes straight there, and good holiday deals from various websites depart from there!
7. There are loads of gigs and big bands and artists perform here.
8. There are lots of parks and I live a 10 minute walk away from one, which has frisbee golf (another free activity!)
9. People are genuinely friendly, I actually made a friend at a bus stop, that's never happened anywhere else!
10. There are some cool art studios, such as Rogue and AWOL, I'm yet to get a space in one, but one day soon! Plus there are lots of craft fairs/vegan fairs to sell my work!

(10a. I'm an hour away from my BFF in Liverpool! Which is probs one of my fave reasons! :)

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