Get Fit with Sudio Tre Wireless Earphones

Happy new year everyone! Have you made any resolutions? I set some yearly goals instead, which include getting an internship, a job, an apartment, a car and two cats. I already started doing yoga every morning back in Bali in November and I’m at the point where I’m not quite sure how I survived without it. It’s changed my life. I’m following Yoga with Adriene on youtube at the moment, she has a new series called True, I love her sessions, they are manageable and she’s adorable and quirky and always makes me smile, big love to Adriene!

I want to get back to the gym as soon as I’m settled in my new house, so I was super excited when Sudio invited me to try the new Tre wireless earphones. I do lots of free weights and hiit which involves me putting my iphone in my sports bra and often dropping it whilst jumping into a push up or getting tangled in the wires whilst struggling to chuck a 15kg bag on my shoulders to squat. Yeah… I’m definitely not the coolest girl in the gym lol. But these earphones will be a game changer!

They come in a crisp white box and have beautiful rose gold details, so not only are they super functional, but also super cool. It took me a second to figure out how they fit in your ear, but I quickly realised I needed the smallest earpiece and once in, they do not budge at all, let alone fall out, which was always a problem I had with regular in-ear earphones. They last for 9 hours with one charge and at the moment, as part of their new year, new you campaign, you get a complimentary armband. Plus I have a 15% off code for you! Just use ‘kokoluxe’.

Outfit details: Leggings: Nike  |  Trainers: Nike  |  Bag: Tu at Sainsbury’s

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