My Fitness Journey

Fitness, do you love it or hate it? I used to be really into it, I even started a personal training course! I trained solidly for 2 years to build muscle, if you go back to my 2013 posts (like this one) you’ll see how buff I was lol. I did this test shoot a month or so ago for an eCommerce website, the Rita Ora collections with Adidas are pretty out there, her latest collection features dragons and smoke. When it comes to my preference in sportswear, I often opt for more comfy items like these womens joggers. Although I wear black leggings on a daily basis with thigh high wool socks and snow boots, it is coooold in Manchester! Bring on spring!

It is pretty rad that leggings and trainers are deemed appropriate, even cool, casual wear since the whole athleisure/sports luxe trend graced us, hence the Rita Ora collabs! I wonder how long trainers are going be on trend? They are gloriously comfy, but since I look so young, they don’t help my ‘trying to look like a professional, employable, grown-up’ goals. The single stripe down the leg trousers are probably my favourite sportswear influenced item that you can dress up or down, akin to these.

I always used to train outside in the park, I’d run there, warm up with some lunges and do Hiit for 40 minutes using my own body weight and plyometrics (jumping), plus loads of spider man crawling for abs. I used my weights most days at home in my bedroom, because lets be real, we live in England and ain’t no one going to train in the rain, well… I’m not, lol. (Although I did try a few times and got completely covered in mud.) I do really want to get back into being fit, but nowadays, especially in the winter, I mostly hibernate and eat a lot, which I think is totally natural for humans… right? 😛 I did join a gym last year which was actually, really awesome, but I don’t have the disposable income at the moment, or maybe that’s just another excuse! Anyone want to be my gym buddy?

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