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Welcome to my blog! My name is Rachael. I am a passionate vegan, events organizer, freelance textile print designer and model who loves cats, conspiracy theories, changing the world, creating/making/styling and roller skating!

Koko Luxe is a fashion blog with a minimalist approach, focusing on the ‘capsule wardrobe’ to make life easier and less cluttered.

I started my blog back in 2011, the summer I finished university, as something to fill my time whilst I waited for my International Experience Canada visa to arrive. I lived in Canada for a year, continued with my blog and ended up achieving success on Lookbook with my outfit posts. On returning to the UK, I moved around a lot trying to find my place in the world and in 2014, I moved to Switzerland for 6 months and then spent 3 weeks traveling around Europe in a big yellow van. I have finally settled in Manchester and live in amazing house surrounded by smart, inspiring and awesome people. As I have experienced life and grown as a person, so has my blog :)


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  1. you look like (almost) miley cyrus....

    just sayin LOL :x