Tee: Wildside // Jacket: River Island // Jeans: Urban Planet // Boots: Jeffrey Campbell // Necklace: Ebay
Thanks to my good friend Murray for sending me this rockin’ tee! We met at college when we were doing an art and design foundation course (to this day, one of my favourite years ever.) He has a wicked shop selling his unique style, and is a damn cool guy, so deffo go and check it out here!
“Rock n’ roll psychology is about striking the correct pose. Attitude is as important as the music if not more so and both contribute to the total effect. Wildside clothing provides that attitude. We kicked off in mid 2009 producing unique clothing with attitude and a rock n roll spirit at its core. We throw together raw, high energy pieces for people with personality.
Wildside Clothing, cause’ there’s a riot in everyone.”

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