3 ways to make your fashion choices more sustainable in 2019

For some people, fashion is an integral part of their identity; their very outfit makes a statement about who they are as a person and can portray so much about them. However, whether knowingly or not, our fashion choices can be unsustainable; the production of certain clothes are detrimental to the environment and might also infringe on the rights of workers and animals. However, it’s not too late to alter your fashion choices to make them more sustainable. There are certain rules you can follow to become a more eco-conscious shopper without giving up your passion for fashion. Here are just three ways to make your fashion choices more sustainable in 2019: 

1. Buy from ethically and environmentally conscious brands

It’s important to do your own research on your journey to fashion sustainability, as your favourite clothing brand might not be practising the most eco-conscious clothing production methods. Modern slavery is still a huge issue, and according to Groupon 46 million people in the world are used for slave labour. Many of these slaves are actually linked to the clothing industry itself. Find a reliable clothing brand that fights against these ethical issues and treats their workers fairly and equally.

You should also research a company’s environmental plan and see what their long-term goals are on reducing the company’s carbon footprint. This goes beyond just their recycling scheme, and also includes which chemicals and synthetics they use to make their clothes. Plastic materials or harsh dyes can take years to biodegrade and can have a negative impact on the environment. 

2. Get items for life

Random shopping sprees where you purchase a mountain of clothing can be fun, but they’re also unnecessary. Not only are they terrible for your bank balance, they’re also bad for the environment. A lot of people don’t even wear half of their wardrobe, and inevitably end up throwing clothes away before they’ve even had a chance to wear them. 

If you want to adopt a more sustainable mindset, then be more selective of the clothes you purchase. It’s worth spending the extra money on clothes you’ll keep for a lifetime than to buy cheap and poor quality clothing that is destined for landfill. If you want to go the extra mile with your clothes, wash them on a cool wash; this is better for the environment and it will also make your clothes last longer.

3. Reuse and recycle

Nothing lasts forever and this is especially true with items of clothing. However, there are so many other things you can try before throwing them away. It’s estimated that 235 million tonnes of clothes end up in landfill each year, when they could have gone to charity or been repaired. Did you know that most charity shops take rags or even clothes that are in disrepair? If donating clothes to charity isn’t an option, you can always get creative and put your DIY skills into practice. You could chop the legs off an old pair of jeans, for example, and turn them into shorts.

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