I’m back!

It’s been a little while, eh!

I stopped blogging because it didn’t resonate with me anymore. I became vegan, moved into a spiritual house, cut all my hair off, stopped wearing makeup and lived in baggy clothes. It’s fair to say I went from one extreme to the other!

It was necessary though, I became the most confident version of myself by stripping away the roots of my insecurities, fighting against societal pressure to look a certain way and thus figuring out who I really am. I learnt to not take things personally, how to be happy on my own and most importantly, I learnt to love and accept myself exactly as I am.*

I have since found a fairly good balance between the ‘not caring what I look like, non-conformist in every way’ hippie version of myself and the ‘well dressed, serious about my goals’, version of myself. I still constantly change my mind, it’s in my pisces nature, but I think I have finally settled on a theme for my blog that encompasses what I actually care about…

Conscious Living!

A conscious life is a deliberate and thought-out life. It’s listening to yourself and then making choices. It’s asking yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing: looking at the reasons behind the actions you take. It’s not wandering adrift in the stream of life, but taking purposeful and intentional action.’

This sums me up perfectly! I also recently became aware of the damage the fashion industry does to the environment and people, (I recommend watching ‘Stacey Dooley Investigates Fashion’s Dirty Secrets‘) and decided I didn’t want to contribute to it. So I have made a pledge to not buy anything new unless it’s from a sustainable company, recycled or second hand. I will document this process and post about topics such as wellness, mental health, the law of attraction and anything else that relates and resonates.

Thanks for sticking with me guys! 🙂 – Rach xx

*for the most part! It’s obviously not that easy 🙂

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