Petit Vour | Vegan, Cruelty Free Beauty Box

Petit Vour very kindly sent me their latest beauty box to share their ethical message with you; my wonderful followers! The products are all vegan, with no nasty ingredients. The perfume in this box was absolutely divine, I’m so tempted to get the full size! Their website is also packed with loads of other amazing vegan products, the vegan leather bags are beautiful.

The Beauty Box

Elevate or recreate your beauty routine with a subscription to Petit Vour’s luxury-curated, cruelty-free beauty box. Each month you’ll receive 4 products (always valued over $50) of non-toxic and plant-based beauty, curated to your beauty profile for as low as $15/box. Plus, get $4 back each month in store credit for reviewing your box.

How It Works

Create Your Profile

Choose the subscription plan that works best for you, then create your personal beauty profile specific to your makeup, skincare, and hair care preferences.

Enjoy Your Beauty

Every month, you’ll receive 4 products with over a $50 total value. Enjoy a mix of makeup, hair care, body & skincare curated to match your beauty profile.

Rate & Earn

Review your beauty box items & earn up to 400 PV Points ($4) each month. Save or spend them; your points are “free money” at

The Mission


We want to:

•End Animal Abuse

• Reduce Demand for Factory Farms

• Protect the Environment

• Reduce our Carbon Footprint

• Help Conserve Water

• Support Sustainable Practices & Fair Trade

• Encourage Ethical Principles and Responsibility


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