Soft Serenade

Dress: Sugarlips // Belt: American Apparel // Bag: thrifted // Necklace: Aldo // Boots: Lita’s!! <3
Guys, something epic has happened….. I FOUND A NEW PHOTOGRAPHER!
I was literally on the brink of tears after my mums failed attempt this afternoon, thinking my beloved blog was doomed to failure, so I asked my dad to help me out… and look what happened…. AMAZING!  Told y’all I’d figure it out! 😛
So the lovelies at Sugarlips sent me this gorgeous dress. I love the texture on top, perfect for us tiny ladies 🙂 I added my trusted maroon AA belt to add some warmth to the colour palette and, of course, my Lita’s to punk it up!  I swear there isn’t an outfit that they can’t own.
An update on life, I am officially on JSA, *smacks head against wall* desperately searching for a design job. The odds don’t look so good at the moment, there literally seems to be a million textile design graduates applying to approximately five available jobs at any one time. I’m thinking I might have to start interning, I have to do SOMETHING. It’s driving me potty living back at home! If anyone knows about anything fashion related, send an email my way! 🙂 loves x

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